The family coat of arms of the Braccini family Dr. Antonio Braccini and his wife
Dr. Antonio Braccini working as a vet
Brick used in the building of Cipressi 1, indicating the date 1917 Inscription dating the building of Cipressi 2

The farm complex I CIPRESSI includes three farm houses, two of which are currently available for short-term rental.
The original nucleus was created in the 1910’s by Gaetano Braccini, a land owner from the nearby town of Rosignano Marittimo, and the property has remained in the same family for four generations.
During WWII, in 1941, Gaetano’s son, Antonio Braccini—a veterinarian who was serving a tour of duty in war zones—added the central house (Cipressi 2), which differs in style from the rest of the complex. A wartime anecdote: the small building at the northern edge of the property, now no longer used, was once a pigsty, built with the help of German soldiers who passed through Le Badie, while retreating north, in exchange for hospitality on the property.

In the 1970’s Antonio Braccini realized that the farm he had inherited, managed, and continued to expand throughout his life held an additional potential. Its quiet and secluded location was ideal to meet the expectations of international tourists. He thus converted the main buildings of the farm into housing units and began renting them out. Antonio’s work has been continued by two more generations: his son Gaetano Braccini, a teacher and chemist, and his grandchild Simone Marchesi, a teacher of medieval Italian literature at Princeton University, now manage the property.

During the years, the houses have been constantly cared for, and renovation works addressing their structure and functionality have been carried out. All work has been inspired by the respect for the houses’ original simplicity, and all amenities have been designed to help guests enjoy a simple life, in contact with nature.